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Life On Board

The modern yachts are equipped as comfortably as many small hotels, with generators and deep freeze. They offer the perfect atmosphere for a lazy holiday in which you are expected to do nothing that you do not wish to do. Days are spent swimming or exploring the turquoise deep with your snorkel, reading your favorite novel, trying the delicious Turkish cuisine, drinking something wonderful, sun bathing, windsurfing, playing cards and generally relaxing.


Despite other intentions, a lot of people seem to spend most of their time sipping their drinks already on the sun deck. But for the energetic, we would recommend water-skiing, skin diving, fishing and walking in the woods when your yacht is on anchor in one of many fabulous coves.

And you can bring anything from chess to scrabble with you. Of course the gastronome can always do nothing but enjoy food on board or go shopping in local market when feeling energetic.

What you need on board

- your photo camera first of all!

- Common form of dress at the vessel is a swimming suit. You also need to take a sport shoes for food walking, and also the clothes for cool evenings in some seasons.

- Do not forget a towel, one more swimming suit, sun cream, sunglasses, beach shoes and a hat.

- If you wish to spend a night at the deck, you need a sleeping bag.

- During your trip you will have a time to read, so do not forget your favorite book.



Because of the water tank is limited on the boat, you should be careful about using water and electric and you should turn it off when you’re done.

 It is very dangerous and not allowed to smoke in cabins. You can smoke on the deck. Please do not throw the stump of a cigarette into the sea.

Please watch your personal stuff when its windy outside

Captain can change the route and the meal time according to the weather conditions and etc..

You shouldn’t throw toilette paper and any foreign substance into the toilettes

You shouldn’t be away of the yacht for a long time without telling your friends or the captain and you should be back on the time that captain says.

Please watch little kids on the boat. The kids who listen the warnings will enjoy all the beauty of blue cruise.

You shouldn’t jump into the sea before the engines stop or the return completed and you shouldn’t swim away from the yacht and you shouldn’t be on the way of power boats and gulets

 The little boat can only be used for the service and for safety. It can not be used by the customers.

You should be careful with the floor and the stairs, wet floor can make you slip.

You should be careful with the ropes, scuttles, the cables, ground doors, propellers and fans for your safety

 You should check your room again before you leave the yacht

The personnel of "Victoria Yachting" will be glad to meet you and answer your questions when you come to the yacht. Please do not hesitate to ask to your captain if you have any questions or any problem during the tour

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