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About us

"Victoria Yachting" is working under the Company 'Tezcan Tourism Trade Company Ltd Sti', this operating within The Republic of Turkey Under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, with a Class A Lisense 7552, which is a certified travel agency. 'Tengri Travel Agency - blue cruise and yachting rental services' is an online website that is completely legal under the above lisence.

Our company was established 1986 in the town of Dalyan offering accommodation, transportation, and tourism services in regions of the Aegean and Mediterranean and are still successfully offering Blue Cruise Tours, Private Yacht Charter, Boat Tours, Real Estate Real Estate, Villa Rental and Car Hire.

We are one of the most sucessful agencies in the region. We serve a wide range of sectors and have professional bi-lingual staff. Our office is set up in the center of Dalyan very close to the river.

Our blue cruise tours are of the highest quality, hand-made gulet yachts have been built traveling between Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye and Göcek. However, our Bodrum Peninsula from the Greek islands and is very close to Marmaris Blue Cruise tours to high-quality and successful.

"Victoria Yachting" offers a friendly service 24/7 to you and your family and our tours are reasonably priced.

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